Lawmaker: Hungary is working for peace and strengthening rights of ethnic minorities

“Since the EU is preoccupied with the war, they are falling behind on enlargement," Lőrinc Nacsa said.

Christian Democrat lawmaker Lőrinc Nacsa said members of the Hungarian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are working for peace and strengthening the rights of ethnic minorities.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Nacsa, attending PACE’s spring session, told MTI by phone that during the week the body will discuss Iran’s attack on Israel and the possible escalation of the Middle East conflict. “We condemn the Hamas terrorist organisation and the Iranian attack,” he said. Commenting on the Moldovan foreign minister’s participation at the session, Nacsa said Hungary supported Moldova’s EU integration. “Since the EU is preoccupied with the war, they are falling behind on enlargement.” “It is important that the EU should stop wasting time by linking the accession process of the Eastern Partnership’s countries to each other because the procedure should be merit-based, objective and individual to all countries,” he said. The Council of Europe should do everything in its power to support Moldova’s EU integration, he added. At the same time, Nacsa said the “hot topic” of the meeting was Kosovo’s request to join the CoE. The report on the matter had shown that Kosovo had yet to meet certain conditions, he said. “Hungary’s stance is clear: we cannot back Kosovo’s accession as issues regarding minority rights are yet to be satisfactorily resolved with the participation of those involved,” he said.