Máté Kocsis: The Fidesz parliamentary group supports Finland’s accession to NATO, but will decide later on Sweden

On his Facebook page on Friday, Máté Kocsis, leader of the Fidesz group in the Hungarian parliament, said that the Fidesz parliamentary group will support Finland’s accession to NATO in the parliamentary vote on 27 March, but that the group will decide on Sweden later.

Máté Kocsis wrote the following: “On behalf of the Fidesz parliamentary group, I can inform you that we have decided to support Finland’s accession to NATO. We will bring the parliamentary vote on this forward to 27 March, when our group will unanimously vote in favour. Our parliamentary group will decide on Sweden’s accession at a later date.”

In his post, the Fidesz group leader drew the attention of “domestic and international actors” to the fact that the Hungarian parliament is a sovereign body, and that – as the people’s highest representative body – it is subordinate to no one except the community of Hungarian voters.

“Therefore,” he said, “we will not accept any kind of pressure from abroad, from Hungarian left-wing politicians working under foreign orders, from NGOs or from the media, regarding the timing, the timetable and the subjects of debate in Parliament, and on what days Parliament should conduct its related votes.”

He stressed that in every case the greater the pressure exerted to make a decision quickly, the more thorough the consideration required by that decision.

Kocsis added that the Government and the parliamentary majority in Hungary “are not the dollar-fuelled left, but the sovereigntist right”, and that this would continue to be the guiding principle in the future.