MEPs: AI Act is “important milestone” which handles “risks and fears” without stumping innovation

The negotiating position, a first step towards legislation on the matter, was adopted with 499 votes in favor, 28 against and 93 abstentions.

Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said the European Parliament’s negotiating position on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, which the body adopted on Wednesday, is an “important milestone” towards legislation handling “risks and citizens’ fears” without stumping innovation.

Hidvéghi told the plenary that the law should focus on consumer protection. MEP Edina Tóth said “we support innovation but we must also consider the dangers of implementation, and set up a legal framework so that AI can work as a safe tool for citizens and companies. The position emphasised that AI development in Europe should be in line with European fundamental rights and values. The legislation is planned to establish obligations according to the level of risk of any particular application of AI. It would fully ban biometric identification, biometric categorization of sensitive personal data, predictive policing systems, and untargeted scraping of facial images from the internet or CCTV footage to create facial recognition databases, among others, the European Parliament said.