Migrant Crisis: Hungary rejects claims of unfair treatment

Hungary proceeds in a humane manner with those who are actually in need, and the people who are waiting at its borders and in its territory receive fair treatment

The Hungarian government has fired back at the 'ludicrous' claims aimed at them by Human Rights Watch over the treatment of migrants, according to an official statement issued today.

Human Rights Watch denounced Hungary on Wednesday for what they called "cruel and violent treatment" of migrants, accusing police and soldiers of beating people before forcibly expelling them back to Serbia.

Today, the Ministry of Interior has firmly rejected the claims regarding the care provided for refugees in Hungary and the protection of the borders.

The ministry pointed out that Hungary observes the Schengen rules relating to border controls as well as the Geneva Convention, and is shocked to learn that Human Rights Watch expects the executive power to disregard the laws created by the Hungarian Parliament in harmony with relevant European norms.

Hungary guarantees legal entry and the submission of legitimate asylum requests at the official border crossing stations as well as in the transit zones created for the purpose. Human Rights Watch is misconstruing the rules relating to the asylum proceedings out of obvious ignorance of the situation.

Hungary is taking part in the provision of care for asylum-seekers well beyond its economic means, while the European Union has abandoned one of its Member States in this respect. The Hungarian State spends 140,000 HUF a month on average on the care provided for asylum-seekers.

During the course of 2016 eight migrants have submitted complaints in four cases due to physical assault in connection with the measures implemented by members of the Hungarian police force as part of the maintenance of law and order on the state borders (meanwhile, there have been 17,787 illegal border crossers).

The investigations instituted with a view to clarifying these incidents established that the complaints were unfounded, but in the interest of excluding accusations of bias, these cases were forwarded to the competent prosecution services.

Following the entry into force of the law on the wider applicability of asylum proceedings conducted on the border on July 5, 2016, the police apprehended 655 people, and accompanied them back to the temporary security border fence – the individuals in question complied with the instructions of the police on a voluntary basis, without resistance.

Human Rights Watch is also wrong in regards to the procedure itself, the illegal border crossers are taken back by the police to Hungarian territory.

The government confirmed that migrants are not being harassed on the borders of Hungary, and the large number of unaccompanied minors receive protection, healthcare and education.

Hungary proceeds in a humane manner with those who are actually in need, and the people who are waiting at its borders and in its territory receive fair treatment. At the same time, Hungary expects migrants to observe the laws of the European Union and Hungary.