Mihály Varga: defending Hungary's security is the most important task

The Hungarian finance minister stressed that in the midst of international uncertainties, his primary focus is to protect Hungary’s security.

Speaking at a press event on Wednesday at Molar Chemicals Ltd., Varga said that Hungary should not involve itself too deeply with conflicts that go against Hungarian interests, adding it is in Hungary’s benefit to have peace.

“Common sense should prevail in Europe,” Varga said, adding that current uncertainties were affecting the planning of the 2023 budget.

The minister stressed that Hungary’s competitiveness has improved a lot since 2010, and economic independence would be an important objective even without the global crises witnessed in recent years.

The finance minister stressed that Hungary could not afford to be dependent on foreign suppliers for everything, and said that strengthen domestic producers would help to counteract the disruption to international supply chains currently being experienced across Europe.

Varga announced financial support for Molar Chemicals Ltd of HUF 700 million, to add to the company’s investment of HUF 900 million by the company which trades pharmaceutical raw materials, laboratory chemicals, disinfectants and chemical products.

The subsidy comes from the government’s Healthcare Industry Support Programme (ETP) which has already contributed to 83 projects in 68 locations by 57 companies, and either created or safeguarded 5,700 jobs across Hungary.

Photo credit: Facebook/Varga Mihály