Minister Gulyás: Inflation can go down to single digits as early as October

In a comprehensive update delivered today at the Government Info press conference, Minister Gergely Gulyás shared insights on multiple key fronts, ranging from an impressive national event to critical matters concerning ongoing conflicts and economic stability.

Spectacular success of August 20 fireworks display

The annual state event on August 20, renowned for its grandeur, has broken all records this year. Minister Gulyás reported that the execution of the event was a resounding success, boasting the most brilliant fireworks display in history. Both the on-site attendance and televised viewership through public media have seen an unprecedented surge.

Urgent call for ceasefire and peace talks

Addressing the state of ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Minister Gulyás evaluated the current status of wars during the press conference. He emphasized that unless concrete efforts are made towards peace, the conflicts will linger. Despite the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the frontlines have remained largely unchanged, resulting in daily casualties in the thousands.

Minister Gulyás reiterated the unwavering stance of the Hungarian government: an immediate ceasefire and earnest peace negotiations are imperative. He underlined the undeniable impact of the war on European and Hungarian inflation as well as economic growth.

Anticipated real wage growth and potential single-digit inflation by October

The government is committed to ensuring real wage growth despite this year's annual inflation. The minister announced that inflation could potentially reach single digits by as early as October or at the latest by December. Minister Gulyás also underscored the Hungarian government's dedication to safeguarding employment even amidst the current wartime challenges.

Record-breaking Budapest World Athletics Championships

Turning to the realm of sports, Minister Gulyás highlighted the astonishing success of the Budapest World Athletics Championship. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 60,000 attendees, and ticket sales surpassed the 350,000 mark.

Additionally, the number of athletes participating in the championship set a new record, reaffirming Hungary's capability to host and organize large-scale events.