Minister Gulyás: "We stand for peace talks and a ceasefire instead of NATO's intervention"

Today’s Government Info session addressed the implications of the Chinese president's visit, the ongoing war, and Hungary’s economic landscape following the government’s latest cabinet meeting. Government spokesperson Eszter Vitályos and Minister Gergely Gulyás detailed key decisions made.

Minister Gergely Gulyás emphasized the escalating threats of NATO involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. On this, the minister stated: "We will do everything to prevent Hungarian soldiers and weapons from being sent to Ukraine."

Furthermore, Minister Gulyás firmly reiterated Hungary's position in favor of peace talks and a ceasefire rather than NATO's direct intervention.

Under pressure to support NATO's strategies, Hungary aims to strengthen the alliance's forces to ensure peace while remaining committed to staying outside the conflict. The minister also indicated that further consultations with defense and foreign ministers would provide regular updates on any developments.

Regarding the recent visit of the Chinese president to Paris and Budapest, Gergely Gulyás acknowledged its significance, remarking, "It reflects our country's growing importance."

He mentioned China's economic influence, noting that its GDP now surpasses the European Union's. "It's in our interest to attract as many Chinese companies as possible," he said, emphasizing the critical role of Chinese economic cooperation in bolstering Hungary's economy.

Assessing Hungary's economic future, Minister Gulyás highlighted positive trends, including a drop in inflation to 3.6 percent in March, demonstrating the success of the country’s 2023 economic goals.

He said 2024 would be a year of economic revitalization, with GDP projected to grow by 2.5 percent and an increase of 4.1 percent expected for 2025. "Consumption is rising, so we can remain optimistic," the minister stated.

Government spokesperson Eszter Vitályos elaborated on new housing programs, namely the "CSOK Plus" initiative, which will offer increased support to families with children starting January 1. The home renovation program, accessible from July 3, will also be streamlined based on public feedback, removing several barriers.

In conclusion, Spokesperson Vitályos highlighted significant infrastructure projects totaling HUF 180 billion, including the northern Sopron bypass and a 3-kilometer relief road near Mosonmagyaróvár.