Minister Szijjártó: The old type of foreign policy is no longer valid

In the recent episode of “The Bold Truth About Hungary” podcast, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó discussed the changing nature of foreign policy in the modern world with host Zoltán Kovács, international spokesman of the Hungarian government.

Szijjártó argued that the old type of foreign policy is “no longer maintainable” in today's rapidly changing world and, as a result, must be ready to adapt to new circumstances and embrace a more flexible approach to foreign policy.

“Sticking to sovereignty” is a key factor in foreign policy, Minister Szijjártó said, as countries must be able to chart their own course in an increasingly interconnected world.

The Hungarian foreign minister emphasized the importance of combining economic interests with foreign policy, that is, making foreign policy serve the economic interests of a country. He also stressed the need for quick reaction times in the face of rapidly changing circumstances.

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