More than ten thousand football fans cheer Hungarian team

Heroes' Square turns into a hero's welcome for the Hungarian national football team

More than ten thousand football fans celebrated with the Hungarian national football team on Heroes' Square on Monday.

The attached video shows both supporters and players celebrating together by singing the national anthem and Hungarian pop group Soho Party’s football anthem.

The crowds were heard from afar as they showed their appreciation for the team's success in the Euro 2016 football champisonships, the team's best result in international competition in 30 years.

Players were called to the stage one by one after their team bus paraded through the crowds, and fans went wild as they praised their heroes.

One fan said "It's quite apt that these celebrations are taking place in Heroes Square because they are hereos. They did extremely well and should be very proud of themselves."

The Hungarian football team exceeded all expectations at Euro 2016 and made it to the round of 16 before losing to Belgium on Sunday night.