Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (but it’s really Budapest)

The British-Hungarian co-production of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is set to finish filming in Budapest by the end of November.


Originally set to be filmed in Romania, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in the end came to Budapest. According to British producers who visited Hungary at the beginning of the year, they fell in love with Hungary and decided to scrap production in Romania.

The producers opted for Budapest’s locations, staff, and incentives. Scenes were shot in various locations around the capital city including; the Opera house, Andrássy Boulevard and Kincsem Park. The film will also feature a studio built replication of the interior of the Dior salon, staircase and sewing room.

The Hungarian National Film Fund supported the HUF 4 billion budget with HUF 279.5 million aid. The production provides employment for 170 Hungarian professionals during the filming.

The film features several original Dior dresses including ones presented from Christian Dior’s latest collection during a fashion show.

The Hungarian co-producers are Dániel Kresmery and Jonathan Halperyn. The production features award winning actresses Isabelle Huppert, as Madame Colbert, and Lesley Manville, as Ada Harris.

The production is taking various preventive measures while filming during the epidemic. Staff members are tested several times a week, rooms are regularly disinfected, and everyone except the actors who are filming wear a mask.