New glow in the dark bike lane installed near Esztergom

A pilot project was recently launched that makes a bike lane near Esztergom glow in the dark.


The new fluorescent path is part of the Eurovelo 6 bike lane running along the banks of the Danube.

The new experimental bike path was launched by the Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Company as a pilot project. The endeavor was started earlier this week. The solution uses special particles that are mixed into the lane’s building materials made of a fluorescent material that glows in the dark.

According to the company, the point of the path, “is to achieve greater optical driving and attention-catching light painting on road sections not affected by public lighting.” The new material added to the bike lane is set to increase the safety of bike paths, crosswalks, sidewalks, cornerstones, islands, and road accessories where there are no street lights.

The path has already received positive feedback from cyclists who have been able to use it

The fluorescent sections will be continuously examined in the coming weeks. Based on the observations, future application will be decided.

Photo credit: Origo