New government, new faces: Andrea Bártfai-Mager

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently revealed the composition of his fourth government. While some ministers will continue to serve in their previous roles, we’ll be seeing some new faces as well. One is government commissioner for postal affairs and national financial services Andrea Bártfai-Mager, who will serve as minister without portfolio in charge of National Assets in the new cabinet.

Andrea Bártfai-Mager will contribute her wealth of experience in the field of financial supervision to the new government.

Bártfai-Mager is a graduated from Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Moscow State Institute of International Relations. She also studied several banking and corporate finance postgraduate programs, with a special focus on financial stability and competition law at Oxford, Gerzensee in Switzerland, at the IMF in Washington, and at the Bundesbank in Frankfurt.

Between 2001-2007, she worked at the Hungarian National Bank where she became deputy director, later becoming member of the competition council at the Competition Authority.

From 2010, she was the executive director of Magyar Közlöny Lap és Könyvkiadó Kft. Later she became a member of the Monetary Committee of the Hungarian National Bank, which was followed by her nomination to government commissioner for postal affairs and national financial services.

As minister in charge of National Assets, she will put her economic and financial experience into further development of the Hungarian economy.