New government, new faces: Dr. István Nagy

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently revealed the composition of his fourth government. While some ministers will continue to serve in their previous roles, we’ll be seeing some new faces as well. One is former Parliamentary State Secretary for Agriculture István Nagy, who’ll serve as Minister of Agriculture in the new cabinet

Born in a small town in eastern Hungary called Újfehértó, in 1967, Dr. István Nagy is an accomplished agricultural engineer, former university professor and politician. He has served as a member of Hungary’s National Assembly representing Mosonmagyaróvár since 2010. He also served as mayor of Mosonmagyaróvár until 2014 when he was appointed Parliamentary State Secretary for Agriculture. In Prime Minister Orbán’s fourth cabinet he’ll head the Ministry of Agriculture.

Nagy graduated from Pannon University of Agriculture as an agricultural engineer in 1992. He continued his studies at Budapest University of Technology, where he completed his degree in vocational teaching of agricultural engineering in 1996. He received his PhD from the University of Western Hungary in 2007.

Besides spending more than 20 years in teaching, Dr. Nagy held numerous political positions and has been politically active since 1988. He is married and a father of two.