New television series reveals the secrets of the Danube

The new series, Duna – Árral szemben (The Danube-Upstream) is now airing at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. every Sunday on Spektrum TV.


The Danube-Upstream takes a closer look at the Danube which stretches into dozens of countries, affecting many people every day.

The creator of the series, Nick Thorpe, a British journalist and documentary filmmaker, arrived in Hungary in 1983 as the Central Europe correspondent for BBC. Thorpe’s previous work includes his book entitled The Danube – A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest.

The book has to do with his year long journey traveling along the river where he immersed himself in the Danube and met the people who inhabit the land around it. The TV show adds to the experience he had while writing his book. Thorpe has now traveled twice from the Black Sea to the Black Forest.

The series on Spektrum TV takes the viewer along the river similar to the book, against the current.

“A lot of people were open to let us into their lives even with the camera rolling,” Thorpe said. The viewer is able to see the lives of fisherman, sailors, environmental activists, and silent monks.

The series includes eight episodes that spans across the Danube. The audience is able to learn more about the cultural diversity of the river and the historical events that happened on the banks in Hungary and Europe.

The Danube - Upstream encapsulates the beauty, nature and landscape of the river. The crew traveled to eight countries and filmed for almost a year. The brilliant series is narrated by Pál Mácasai, Kossuth and Jázai Mari, award winning actor and producer.

The next episode will air this Sunday, November 29.

Photo credit: Blikk