PM Orbán at the border: We will be able to handle an even larger wave of refugees

In a brief video statement posted on his Facebook page, PM Orbán confirmed that “everything is running smoothly” on Hungary’s borders with Romania and Ukraine.

“We are at the Csengersima border-crossing. This is the Hungarian Romanian border,” Prime Minister Orbán said in a video posted on his Facebook page in the last hours of yesterday evening. This is also where refugees, Ukrainian refugees, arrive in Hungary and approach Hungary via Romania, the prime minister added.

“The police are working around the clock,” PM Orbán highlighted, and added that everything is running smoothly.

“We are expecting a bigger wave next week, so we will have to reinforce this border-crossing point as well, with more people working here,” he said.

Expecting an even larger wave of refugees in the coming weeks, PM Orbán said that Hungarian authorities will be able to continue to work as efficiently as today.