PM Orbán holds phone talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky

The pair reviewed every important component of Hungarian-Ukrainian relations.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by phone on Wednesday.
According to MTI, the pair reviewed every important component of Hungarian-Ukrainian relations. The major topic of the talks was the issue of war and peace, he said. PM Orbán said that Hungary is ready to contribute to every initiative and effort that could lead to brokering peace. The two politicians agreed that they would continue to hold bilateral consultations, Havasi said. Zelensky said on social media X after the talks that he underscored Ukraine’s interest in good-neighbourly relations with Hungary, as well as in the development of cooperation in trade, energy, and logistics. The Ukrainian president said he had “a lengthy and meaningful” call with the Hungarian prime minister and invited Orbán to participate at a peace summit to be held in Switzerland next month. “Hungary’s position is important to us in terms of bringing peace closer and of common regional security,” the president said. At the talks further steps towards “settling the full range of bilateral issues in a mutually beneficial manner” were also discussed, he said. Zelensky said Ukraine’s EU integration was also discussed and he said he firmly believed that Ukraine’s swift accession would benefit both Ukraine and Hungary.