PM Orbán: Vaccination is only way out of current situation

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said registering for the coronavirus vaccination was the "only way forward out of the current difficult situation".

PM Orbán said on Facebook that he had spent 24 hours in Israel and referred to “important talks”. He said he had witnessed signs of life restarting after the epidemic, including open terraces and restaurants and the return of economic life. This, he said, was achieved thanks to Israel’s successful vaccination drive.

PM Orbán said that with the highest rate of vaccinated citizens, “the Israeli state is the world champion” in the fight against the pandemic. “We, too, would like to achieve a prestigious place in Europe” but this requires getting vaccine supplies and citizens wanting to overcome the difficult situation, which is only possible with the help of registration and vaccination, he added. “This is the lesson of the Jerusalem trip,” PM Orbán said.

By Friday, 1,229,827 Hungarians have received at least their first jab, while the country recorded 9,011 new cases and 130 fatalities in the past 24 hours. The number of infections has risen to 498,183, while the death toll has increased to 16,627.

Photo credit: Facebook/Orbán Viktor