PM Orbán: Western world under attack from virus developed in progressive liberal laboratories

“We have to say no to migration, gender and war,” the prime minister said. “Migration is an important part of liberal progressive philosophy,” he added.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the CPAC conference in Budapest that the Western world is "under attack from a virus developed in progressive liberal laboratories". The prime minister said Hungary had the antidote.
“We have to say no to migration, gender and war,” the prime minister said. Hungary, he added, was an “incubator” for devising the conservative politics of the future and the place where the defeat of progressive liberals and a conservative, Christian political turnaround not only had been talked about but accomplished, too. “Hungary’s shining success” when Fidesz came to power in 2010 “was ignored worldwide until 2015”, he said. “Had [American financier] George Soros not attacked Hungary and declared a program to settle millions of illegal migrants in Europe with the help of the NGOs on his payroll, we would never have made it to the headlines of global media,” PM Orbán said. “When they flooded the Balkans with illegal migrants and constructed the people-smuggling route into the heart of Europe, they came up against Hungary. We commanded a halt to that, took on the challenge and defended ourselves, built a fence and protected our homeland,” he said.

“Migration is an important part of liberal progressive philosophy,” PM Orbán added. The nation, he said, had been “a great invention of the West and the heart and soul of the free world”, but all nations, he added, were currently under attack. “We are all under attack, in Europe as in the US, and that attack is not economic in nature … we face a virus attacking the most vulnerable point of the Western world: the nation,” PM Orbán said. “This virus was developed in liberal progressive laboratories … and is being multiplied and spread all over the world,” he said. At the same time, “the nation-state is also the Achilles’ heel of the Western world”. “Should nations crumble and evaporate, the opportunity for a free life will be lost and the West will fail,” he said. “People without a homeland cannot be free; only the homeless, the displaced, the playthings of the global elite,” he said. The attack was successful, he said. “It is not looking good for the West in the race of civilisations,” he said.

Meanwhile, PM Orbán said “the essence of illegal migration is to destroy the international community, to unravel the cultural basis necessary for the functioning of the nation-state.” “The woke movement and gender propaganda have the same objectives,” PM Orbán added. “Just like communism used to do, they divide the nation into artificial minorities and then incite antagonism between them; this is the basis for their power,” he insisted. Western nations are also jeopardised by progressive foreign policies which “always drag us into war”, he said. “The colour revolutions were always triggered by the slogan of freedom, then liberal and progressive indoctrination followed, leaving behind chaos and the shame felt because of nations left unsupported.” “If Donald Trump were president of the US, Ukraine and Europe would not be inflicted by war,” PM Orbán said. “Return, Mr. President, make America great again, and bring us peace,” the prime minister said. The latest progressive goal in foreign policy is to strip EU member states of their right to shape their own foreign policy, PM Orbán said. The fight to stop them will be “the greatest battle of the coming months in Brussels.” “The will of the people: that is democracy itself,” he said, adding that this was “the weak spot of progressives; that’s where we can catch them.” Hungarians, he declared, had stopped illegal migration at the border, banned gender propaganda in schools and were working for peace without compromise. In recent years, right-wing forces “have successfully occupied great European sanctuaries such as Budapest, Warsaw, Rome and Jerusalem; and we have high hopes for Vienna. But the two main temples of modern democracy, Washington and Brussels, are still in the hands of liberals. Let’s work to change that!” PM Orbán said.