Poll: Hungarians will vote NO in migrant crisis referendum

Party support has not changed substantially since the beginning of the year, either

A majority of Hungarians will vote no to the mandatory migrant quotas, according to a recent poll.

The Budapest-based think tank Nézőpont Institute conducted a public opinion poll for Heti Válasz, which shows that close to four-fifths (77 percent) of Hungarians reject the mandatory resettlement of migrants to the country.

The poll also points out that parties’ support has not changed substantially since the beginning of the year.

At present, voter turnout at the referendum may reach three-fifths (62 percent) of the electorate. However, close to four-fifths (77 percent) of Hungarians are already opposed to migrants’ mandatory resettlement to Hungary.

In comparison, a similar proportion of voters rejected all three questions at the so-called “social referendum”, initiated by Fidesz-KDNP as an opposition force in 2008 (82 percent voted against fees for visits to medical practitioners and tuition fees in higher education, while 84 percent rejected per diem fees for hospital treatment).

As far as April party preferences are concerned, Fidesz-KDNP is recorded at 29 percent within the total adult population. Jobbik is registered at 11 percent, while MSZP has 10, DK and LMP 4-4 each, Együtt 2, and PM 1 percent, while other parties are supported to the extent of 2 percent combined.

Concealed and non-voters account for 37 percent of the population. Political party preferences remained essentially unchanged compared to April polls.

Within the entire adult population, the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance is supported by 30 percent, Jobbik by 12 percent, MSZP by 9 per cent, DK by 5 per cent, LMP by 3 per cent, Együtt by 2 percent and PM by 1 percent of the population.