President Novák orders publication of National Sovereignty Protection Act

The president's office said there is a need to protect our national identity and sovereignty.

President Katalin Novák has ordered the publication of the recently passed National Sovereignty Protection Act.

According to a statement released by the president's office, President Novak had received several appeals concerning the new legislation both from abroad and from Hungary. “Messages from abroad support parliament’s goal: there is a need to protect our national identity and sovereignty,” the statement said, but added that powers of the new sovereignty protection office, to be set up under the law, should be “interpreted in line with the constitution”. The new office will “meet its obligations as outlined in the constitution if its activities do not impact the freedom of the press or the freedom of expression,” the statement added. The statement also said Novak had vetoed and returned to parliament another piece of legislation, on the sustainable development of certain parts of the cultural heritage. It said the concept of transferring state-owned chateaus “could be supported” but cited a lack of guarantees “to ensure appropriate protection to state assets”.

Photo credit: Facebook/Novák Katalin