“Rest the doc” Facebook group helps healthcare workers during coronavirus crisis

Two weeks ago a new Facebook community started listing empty apartments in Hungary to offer to healthcare workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Mónika Berke founded the “Rest the doc” Facebook group after receiving a phenomenal response to her offer of an empty Airbnb apartment to healthcare workers close to Uzsoki hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. The post went viral with more than 2,500 shares and others started to offer up their property to help the cause.

Mónika and two of her friends quickly established the "Rest the doc" Facebook group to showcase the listings – now reaching more than 1,600 members. The aim is to assist the work of healthcare professionals who are in a difficult situation and at an increased risk due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The “Rest the doc” Facebook group helps connect Airbnb and other homeowners with healthcare workers up and down the country, thus doctors and nurses who work far from home or don’t want to put their families at risk can stay in a property close to their workplace for free.

Originally focused on Budapest, the initiative soon became national due to growing requests from different regions. The group has so far received many offers and were able to provide temporary housing for more than 80 healthcare workers.

In order to avoid abuse of the scheme and to reassure homeowners, the group admins check all applicants before connecting them with properties. What’s more, Ozone White and Budapest Ozone provide a thorough disinfection of the apartments after use.

The group is still looking for offers from homeowners and certified healthcare professionals who need a temporary home should contact the pihentesdadokit@gmail.com email address.

If you can help or need help, join the “Rest the doc” Facebook group.