Rio 2016: Kayak-canoe pair bag Olympic gold for Hungary

Hungary have so far won six gold medals at this year's Olympic Games and there are more events to come!

Kayak-canoe pair Gabriella Szabó and Danuta Kozák have won gold at the Olympics in the K-2500m race, securing Hungary's 6th gold medal of the games.

The ladies rowed their way to a close win over Germany, triumphing with a time of 1:43.687 minutes.

“We’ve been talking about this for the last two days that everything will be decided in the last 20 metres. The Germans arose but we were able to fight back in the last metres. Sitting with Danuta in the kayak gave me so much power, we totally trust each other. I saw that we won, but they correct the final result sometimes. I still can’t believe it!," Gabriella Szabó said.

“We did not know if we won because we were so close to each other with the German boat," Gabriella added.

"Our dream came true as we can now stand side by side on the podium. Thanks for all the support, we are proud to be Hungarians!,” Danuta Kozák concluded.