Scarlett Johansson spotted in Budapest

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is currently shooting a movie in Budapest.

A new movie featuring Scarlett Johansson as the leading character is currently being shot in Budapest.

As dozens of fans reported on social media, the Hollywood actress was seen at numerous locations in the downtown area of the city. Her stunt actress, Nathasa Romanoff made a few appearances as well.

Johansson’s extra-tight, black costume and bright red locks lead some to suspect that the movie being shot in Budapest is the next sequence of the critically-acclaimed sci-fi, the Black Widow.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether the movie production chose the Hungarian capital as the main location because of the economic prices and its architectural grandeur, or because the film is set in Budapest.

The original Black Widow contained numerous allusions to the Hungarian capital, which might be the fuel for further fan theories to emerge.


 Photo creidt: szmo.hu, origo