Seven dead and four injured in migrant van crash

The van was fleeing police when it crashed shortly before midnight on Monday in Mórahalom on the Hungary-Serbia border.

Seven migrants have died and four injured when a van they were travelling in crashed into a house in Mórahalom, in southern Hungary, late on Monday evening.

The Csongrád-Csanád county police said the van was fleeing police when it crashed shortly before midnight in the town on the Hungary-Serbia border. The driver, who also sustained injuries, was arrested. In an interview to public television after the incident, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s domestic security advisor, said it was a mounting problem that groups of illegal migrants were ignoring warnings given by the authorities. Bakondi said migrant groups were become increasingly aggressive with the authorities and on occasion damaged their equipment. Bakondi noted that the driver had not stopped when called on to do so by law enforcement at Mórahalom, and he lost control of the vehicle at high speed, hitting a wall and overturning. He said the incident served as a warning of the serious consequences of illegal migration. He added that it was important to stop migration at the European Union’s external borders and support countries that are the source of migration.

Photo credit: Origo