State Secretary: Wages in Hungary have been rising continuously

Currently Hungary has 4.7 million employed against 240,000 registered job-seekers.

State Secretary Sándor Bodó said wages in Hungary have been rising continuously, with a “six-digit hike in the pipeline in many areas of the private sector”.

According to MTI, Bodó said the labor market was predictable and benefits linked to the minimum wage were also on the rise. The unemployment benefit as well as the minimum wage have been raised to a monthly HUF 200,000 (EUR 561), while the retirement benefit and subsidies for labour market programs have been raised by 20 percent, he noted. The state secretary also welcomed the continued tendency of growing employment, noting that currently Hungary had 4.7 million employed as against 240,000 registered job-seekers. He added, however, that in some sectors such as construction there was a labour shortage, while others such as tourism were still impacted by the pandemic.

Photo credit: Shutterstock