State Secretary Zoltán Kovács is joined by author and historian Mária Schmidt in the second episode of The Bold Truth About Hungary podcast

“There is no cannon, drone, precision instrument or bomb that can kill or eliminate a thought. It may be concealed for a time or two, but the thought, if it is valid and well formulated, will work.”

Following the successful debut episode of The Bold Truth About Hungary including Tibor Navracsics and the topic of the current state regarding Hungary’s negotiations with the EU, which you can watch here:

Host State Secretary Zoltán Kovács and his second guest, author, historian, and Director-General of the House of Terror Museum Mária Schmidt widens the lenses and looks at the big picture, with the aim to unfold the processes affecting Hungarian political thinking and national interests in our day and age.

In their discussion they unfold the reasons behind the inner workings of geopolitical processes using Mária Schmidt’s book “Findings about the war in Ukraine” as a cornerstone, from the effects of the legacy of communism to the shifting alignments in the contemporary narrative affecting Hungary today.

You may find and watch the new episode of Bold Truth About Hungary on YouTube or listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify 26th October at 10 a.m. CET.