Survey: Majority of young Hungarians see future in Hungary

More than half, 52%, of young Hungarians see prospects in Hungary.

A new survey has found that more than half, 52%, of young Hungarians see themselves as being most likely married, owning a home and living in Hungary in the second half of their prime in 2050.

The Youth Research Institute conducted its representative national survey by asking in person 1,000 Hungarians aged between 15-39 at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of this year about how they saw their future when aged 42-66. In a breakdown, 76% of respondents expected to own a home by then, 75% saw themselves as being married and 72% believed they would be living in Hungary, the institute said. Only 8% said they did not see these three things as being likely. Fully 68% planned to have more children and the same proportion were optimistic about being in a better financial situation than now. Two-thirds, 64%, were fairly certain that they would pursue a career in 2050 in the profession in which they had earned a degree. Altogether 45% said the language of communication at the workplace would most likely be Hungarian while 44% said it would be another, foreign language, the survey showed.