Századvég Poll: Majority of Hungarians oppose military engagement in Ukraine

The Századvég Foundation’s recent survey reveals that 86 percent of Hungarians disapprove of European or NATO military involvement in Ukraine, amid discussions of potentially sending troops to fight Russia.

A recent Századvég Foundation poll indicates that the Hungarian public is overwhelmingly against the deployment of European or NATO forces to Ukraine. This sentiment emerges amidst talks among European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, about potentially supporting Ukraine militarily in its conflict with Russia.

The survey underscores a significant opposition to war intervention, with 86 percent of respondents against European or NATO troops fighting in Ukraine. Hungarians predominantly view the conflict as a clash of major powers, citing the United States and Russia's unwillingness to compromise as a primary cause for the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Notably, discussions by President Macron and other European officials advocating for military support have not swayed public opinion in Hungary. The notion of military intervention is firmly rejected, with a vast majority skeptical of the need for such actions, despite arguments that Ukraine's efforts protect Europe from Russian expansion.

Furthermore, the poll challenges the idea that Russia poses an immediate threat to Hungary or NATO, with 80 percent of Hungarians believing Russia would not attack Hungary even if Ukraine were defeated. Similarly, 79 percent doubt the likelihood of Russia attacking NATO, reflecting widespread skepticism about the direct threat to Hungary and the alliance.