Three polling companies anticipate Fidesz win on Sunday

The Nézőpont Institute, Századvég Foundation and the Centre for Fundamental Rights all predict a Fidesz win on April 3.

The heads of three national polling companies have predicted a victory by the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats (KDNP) in the April 3 general election.

At a conference on the election held on Monday, Ágoston Mráz, the director of Nézőpont Institute, said that “serious pollsters anticipate a Fidesz lead and victory … though none anticipates Fidesz winning a two-thirds majority, which will give the left wing a reason to be happy”. Dániel Nagy, Nézőpont’s public survey director, said their poll among decided voters show a support of 47 percent for Fidesz against a 42 percent support for the joint list of the united opposition.

Miklós Szánthó, the director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, said they “calculate between 110 and 120 mandates to be won by Fidesz” out of 199 seats. Zsolt Barthel-Rúzsa, vice-president of the Századvég Foundation, said Fidesz had “quite a decent advantage”. “It’s clear we can looking forward to a Fidesz-KDNP victory over the united opposition,” he added.

Photo credit: Facebook/Orbán Viktor