Three-quarters of Central Europeans opposed to immigration from outside of Europe

Nearly three-quarters of voters in Central Europe oppose migration, according to a recent poll.

The poll, published by the Budapest-based Nézőpont Institute, asked voters in nine countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) the following question: “All things considered, in your opinion is immigration arriving from outside of Europe more or less good or more or less bad?”

According to the results, some 73.5 percent of respondents see immigration negatively. Only 19.3 percent consider it good. Considering that roughly 83 million voters live in the region, that translates into 61 million voters opposed and only 16 million voters in favor.

The Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary have the highest percentages of those opposed to immigration. But even in Poland, which was one of the more permissive countries, opponents outnumber supports 2.4 to 1 (22 million to 9 million). In Hungary, 7 million of the 8 million voters – 87.5 percent –oppose migration.

The poll also asked respondents for their opinion of George Soros. According to the results, 36.1 percent have an unfavorable opinion compared to only 16.9 percent who have a favorable opinion of the billionaire financier and funder of political causes.

The poll was conducted in February via telephone interviews with a sample size of one thousand in each of the nine countries. Margin of error was 3.1 percent.There are only 14 million Central-Europeans have a good opinion about George Soros, contrary to the 31 million for whom George Soros is in their black book. 38 million people don’t know or refuse to express their opinion about him. It’s also clear from the data that in which country more people know him, there are more people who reject him.

So, honorable Commission, there isn’t only one black sheep in Europe. There 61 million. Just in Central-Europe.