Turnout: 29.93 percent at 11 AM

According to Hungary’s National Elections Office, 29.23 percent of Hungarians have cast their ballots by 11 a.m.

Data from 10,285 polling stations around Hungary show that nearly 30 percent of Hungarians cast their votes in the morning.  

“This is a serious country, this is a great country,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after casting his ballot early this morning, "this is a country that always stood up for itself when it was necessary." 

By 11 a.m. the highest turnout, 32.56 percent, was recorded in Békés County, where almost 92,000 have already exercised their right to vote.

Relatively speaking, the 29.93 percent figure by 11 a.m. is considered high compared to previous elections. In the first rounds of the 1998 and 2002 elections (at that time the elections included two rounds), 23.66 and 26.37 percent of all eligible voters had voted by 11 a.m., while eight and four years ago the turned out stood at 24.78 and 23.23 percent, respectively.

National Elections Office updates turnout figures throughout out the day.