University startup pitch competition to take place in 2021

The Danube Cup international pitch competition is set to take place next year.


The Danube Cup 2021 will take place next year hosted by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at BME and Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE). The event’s mission is to “help improve the international success rate of new ventures by bringing together the most motivated student startuppers from universities along the Danube.”

Universities that have been invited to participate so far include; University of Belgrade, Technical University of Vienna, Corvinus University, University of Passau, University of Linz, OTH Regensburg, and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The Danube Cup supports university startup teams with mentoring, resources, network and investment. The winners of the Hungarian pre-selection that takes place this December will receive mentoring, the best ideas will be rewarded with generous prize money, there will be chances to network with others and the selected startup team may receive an investment.

In January 2021, participating universities will delegate their startup teams and at the end of April the International Competition will occur.

The judges include business leaders such as Dorka Horváth (BOOKR Kids), István Lám (Tresorit),  Katalin Orbán (Gyerünk, Anyukám!), Lénárd Horgos (Absolvo Consulting), Ernő Duda (Solvo Biotechnology). Increased international cooperation is anticipated as a result of the Danube Cup 2021.

Similarly to the idea of increasing business development and innovation within the university age range, the National Office for Research Development recently launched the Hungarian University Startup Program. Students can participate in and receive credit at certain universities within Hungary. The aim is to acquaint students with the world of innovation and the operation of startups.

The program is two-semesters long and includes learning about innovative thinking and the startup world along with practical knowledge to build a business.

Photo credit: Facebook