US ambassador to Hungary to submit resignation in January

The resignation, to be tendered on the day the next US president is inaugurated, is standard protocol for all ambassadors.

Colleen Bell, the US Ambassador to Hungary, will tender her resignation January 20, 2017, following the US presidential election, it has been confirmed today.
Bell, who will hand in her notice at the same time as her fellow counterparts around the world, will have her fate decided by the new president elect.
Bell told the Figyelő newspaper that “the president will decide whether to accept [my resignation] or keep me in this position for a while, until the new ambassador arrives. For my part, I really enjoy this job and I still have a lot to do.”
Ambassador Bell also said that US companies operating in Hungary are content with the economic environment, but, in her view, young Hungarians are bothered by corruption therefore economic governance should strive for transparency if they are considered important for the country.