VIDEO - This is how migrants are attempting to illegally cross into Hungary

A video published on the Hungarian government’s official Facebook page shows recordings of dozens of occasions when Hungary’s police and armed forces officers had to stand their ground against intruders.

Earlier today, the Hungarian government took to its official Facebook page and published a short video, meant to show citizens how immigrants have recently attempted to cross the border fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border illegally.

In the video, we can see groups of illegals with ladders climb the technical border barrier and Hungarian border police take action against them.

In a press conference near the Röszke border station on Wednesday, State Secretary Zoltán Kovács and György Bakondi, the Prime Minister’s chief security advisor, have called attention to the fact that the increase in migration pressure on Hungary’s southern borders these past few years is reminiscent of the period that preceded the 2015 migration crisis.

“In 2013, only 20,000 migrants tried to enter Hungary, but by the end of 2014, this number grew to 44,000, which then became 390,000 in 2015. And now, from 30,000 last year, more than 73,000 have attempted to enter Hungary or have entered as illegal migrants so far in 2021,” Kovács said in a video uploaded to Twitter.