Virtuosos Talent Show to air in five countries

Beginning November 27, young classical talents from the V4 region plus Serbia can be viewed on Duna TV.


Now in its sixth season,Hungary’s popular Virtuosos Talent Show will air this autumn. On November 27, the show will be available in Hungary on Duna TV featuring talents from the Visegrad Four countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) and will also include Serbia.

The show is known to “discover talent, not create it”, featuring a unique format that focuses on uncovering classic young talents. They provide the discovered talents with opportunities for development and advancement that would normally only be available to a few. The program will feature an insight into each country’s specific musical and cultural traditions that the spectators can experience.

The hosts for this year’s Virtuosos V4+ are Ida Nowakowska, a popular Polish actress and presenter, and Thomas Gottschalk, a German radio and television host.

The international permanent jury will include representatives that are stars in their homeland including: Erika Miklósa, Hungarian; Alicja Wegorzewska, Polish; Gabriela Bohacova, Czech; Peter Valentovic, Slovak; Nemanja Radulovic and Silvana Grujic, Serbian. Virtuosos will also feature international stars in various shows including Gabriel Prokofiev, Maxim Vengerov, Coco König and Maestro Plácido Domingo.

The show’s mission is to inform and educate the audience that the classical music industry is not the entertainment for the narrow elite. Turning the attention of the young generation to that of classical music options.

The Virtuosos Talent Show will bring together the heart and soul of common culture in Central and Eastern Europe through the talented youth. The series is made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Human Capacities of the Hungarian government.