Woman arrested at Budapest airport for smuggling 13 million HUF of cocaine

A 26-year-old Venezuelan woman was arrested after trying to smuggle through 673 grams of cocaine

A Venezuelan woman has been detained at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport for attempting to smuggle cocaine worth an estimated 13 million HUF through customs, the National Tax Office (NAV) has confirmed.

According to NAV’s statement, the woman had swallowed 76 wraps which contained 673 grams of cocaine, which would be enough to make about 1,000 fatal doses of the drug.

She had flown from São Paulo via Zürich and wanted to enter Hungary through the green 'nothing to declare' line. 

According to MTI, she was stopped for a detailed check, and the customs officers decided to CT scan her after she showed signs of anxiety. The 26-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.