World Press Photo Exhibition opens at National Museum

Between September 24 and October 25, the World Press Photo (WPP) exhibition can be viewed featuring a category winning photo from Eszter Horváth.


The World Press Photo (WPP) exhibition can now be viewed at the National Museum and features a category winning photo from Eszter Horváth.

Horváth’s photo won this year’s environment category. She is the first Hungarian woman to win first prize at WPP. Her work features a polar bear and her cub examining two red flags that mark scientific equipment on an ice sheet in the Artic Ocean.

Horváth is focused on showing the full research story behind our climate data: who the scientists are and their arduous work living in the most remote and harshest environment on the planet. Over the past year, Horváth has been working on photographing the work of German ice breaker Polarster, in the Central Artic Ocean.

Along with Horváth’s work, visitors can see 151 images in Budapest until October 25. The WPP exhibition in Hungary was the second most visited in a global comparison in the last two years. The World Press Photo connects the world to stories that matter and inspire.

Photo credit: Index