WWI exhibition opens in Ópusztaszer

To mark the centenary of the First World War, an exhibition opens in the National Historical Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer.

An exhibition has opened in the Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Held on the site of where Chief ÁrpÁd, the Duke of the Magyars and the chieftains of the Hungarian tribes gathered in 896 AD to solidify the common laws of their new homeland, the exhibition welcomes visitors until the end of August.

Organizers state that The Memory of the Great War (‘A Nagy Háború emlékezete’) exhibition “evokes the events of the first world war” between 1914-1918.

More than 600,000 fallen heroes of the Great War came from Hungary; while hundreds of thousands of orphans, widowers, physically and mentally disabled people, and broken families carried the heavy burden of the war until the very end of their lives.

The exhibited photographs, objects, documents, installations and uniform reconstructions from the period are part of the private collection of Endre Hegyi, Béla Radics and József Szanka.

Along with the exhibits, visitors can see a battlefield installation, examples of management accommodation, a camp hospital, and a cemetery installation.