Yet more demonstrations over Uber transportation service cause disruptions in Hungary

Parliament is holding a debate today on the operations of ride-sharing services

Hungarian taxi drivers are carrying out yet another demonstration and will continue every Tuesday until the government bans the operations of ride-sharing services, it has been revealed.

The Hungarian Parliament will hold a debate today on possibly banning taxi firm Uber, a ride-sharing app service which is hugely popular with people living in Hungary.

This year alone Hungarian taxi drivers have demonstrated more than half a dozen times, and today, as usual, taxis are planning to drive in a long convoy from Hősök tere (Heroes' Square) and disrupt traffic on Erzsébet híd (bridge).

Parliament is holding a debate today on the operations of ride-sharing services, such as Uber, and if related proposals are approved by Parliament, ride-sharing service providers can essentially be banned in Hungary.

Hungarian taxi drivers have been demonstrating against such services claiming they operate “unlawfully” in the country and as such can offer much lower fares than taxis which are mandated by law to provide a set fare.

Uber in particular is popular with both Hungarians and foreigners visiting Budapest, the service is generally lower in cost than taxi services.

Uber recently announced that they had received 30,000 signatures in support of their service and wanted to work with the government to avoid the ban.