Zoltán Kovács: A sense of national togetherness will be reflected in this year’s St. Stephen’s Day celebration

A sense of national belonging, listening to and caring for each other will be reflected in the programs of August 20, the minister of state for international communication said in Budapest on Monday.

Zoltán Kovács stressed that last year, relief from the coronavirus epidemic was reflected in the attendance of events organized around the celebration of the founding of the state with more than 2 million people visiting event venues and more than half a million coming to see the fireworks.

On Monday morning, the operational body responsible for the safe and smooth running of the celebration met and approved the event's security plan.

August 20, St. Stephen's Day, stands out among Hungary’s national days of remembrance and celebrations, as it has attracted the most people for years, Zoltán Kovács noted.

Regarding the political agitation against the fireworks, he said that not only had the contracts for the fireworks been signed in the spring, but the procurement had also been completed. At the moment, it would be more expensive not to hold the fireworks than to hold them, he said, adding that the costs had not changed compared to last year.

Photo credit: MTI