Zoltán Kovács: The press in Western Europe is monolithic and totally biased

State Secretary for International Communication and Relations Zoltán Kovács gave an interview to the newspaper Hungarian Democrat to discuss his role and insights on international communications and current Hungarian affairs

Starting out, the state secretary summed up his role as facilitating the interpretation of the reasons and methods that shape “the Hungarian government's political actions as easily and quickly as possible.”

Zoltán Kovács noted that despite the intense and effective work by his office, “press in Western Europe is monolithic and totally biased,” which is the result of differing perspectives and interests, as well as the absence of “a sincere desire to understand the Hungarian position.”

The state secretary also called out Western outlets in their crusade to undermine the Hungarian stance even in the face of obvious truths and said that it is “naïve” to assume that media outlets “with a specific political agenda will be moved by logical reasoning and start to operate fairly.”

In his view, “we have to learn to live with this.” However, we can and must “create channels through which we can speak directly to the Western public” since prominent Western media “simply doesn't report on the Hungarian government's position, lest someone be put off by the fact that there is a sensible opinion with a different perspective.”

This development of alternative sources is extremely significant, as Zoltán Kovács explains that since “major international news agencies are shifting in such a biased, thematizing direction (...) we can no longer speak of their independence.”

For this reason, he explained that if someone from abroad wishes to know the Hungarian position, he can get firsthand information through his official social media and other official channels like the “Bold Truth About Hungary” podcast, where he invites influential guests and talks in detail about Hungary’s stance and perspective on different topics.