PM Orbán: “A nation that can’t protect its borders is non-existent”

“[O]r even if it exists today,” said Prime Minister Orbán, “it will vanish.” The prime minister, speaking during his regular radio interview this morning, was referring to the dangers of unchecked, illegal migration into Europe and the realization of the “Soros plan.”

PM Orbán also talked about the visit this week of Prime Minister Netanyahu, emphasizing that he came to discuss “the future,” and that the FINA World Championships now under way are ‘evidence that Budapest is capable of organizing any [large] event.’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that for Israel, no expression of anti-Semitism is tolerable, but that’s not the reason he came. He made the historic visit because he was looking for opportunities for cooperation with Hungary, the prime minister said. PM Netanyahu made a “generous offer, which the V4 countries accepted.” That is, Israel, the “high-tech superpower,” will grant access for Hungarian engineers, students and developers to Israeli technology.

Prime Minister Orbán praised Israel’s counter-terrorism efforts, which he said is essential for the protection of Europe, including Hungary. Besides Israel, Egypt and Turkey also play an important role in protecting Europe from terrorism, and in his negotiations with the leaders of these countries, national defense has been a key aspect.

PM Orbán underlined the word “national” in national defense by saying that a “country that waits for Brussels [to protect its borders] deserves its fate.” Every nation must protect its border, otherwise “it will vanish,” Orbán said, recalling that when a common, European solution was announced to solve the migration crisis the Hungarian government decided to give it three months and since it was not realized, Hungary acted on its own. “We could not wait for Brussels, we had to protect ourselves against [illegal] migrants and criminal acts.” Today, Hungary is willing to share this know-how with Italy.

The politicians in Europe who decided to “realize the Soros plan” rather than will of their own people are growing “anxious” because they see political tensions rising.  The “Soros plan” is not some kind of conspiracy theory; Soros himself described it in writing, said the prime minister, listing its key elements: “At least one million migrants must be brought into Europe, and we should give each of them 4.5 million HUF in the first year;” also, a European agency should be set up to manage this effort. “This will have to be averted,” said Prime Minister Orbán

Orbán thanked the thousands working on the FINA World Aquatics Championships now under way in Hungary, the largest sporting event the country has ever hosted. It shows that Budapest is capable of organizing any [large sporting] event, the prime minister said, and this is a “great power force, great knowledge and can make us proud.”

In keeping with an annual tradition, Prime Minister Orbán will speak on Saturday at the Baile Tusnad Summer University and Youth Camp. In recent years, his speech at the event has attracted considerable international coverage, especially in 2014, when the prime minister was talking about the world following the 2008 financial crisis and the decline in confidence in Western liberal democracies and economies. To Prime Minister Orbán, democracy is self-evident and it is the left-liberal political side that cannot accept political defeat.

“People in the West must understand that we cannot accept [the biased view that] if liberal parties do not win the election, then it is no longer a democracy,” Prime Minister Orbán said. “Democracy is democracy, you don’t need to attach an attribute to it…It means that for deciding on the important questions, people must be involved,” he said, “and the results of elections must be accepted.”

“I have lost many elections in Hungary before and we always accepted the results,” he said.

Will this year’s speech contain anything that will trigger the kind of reactions we saw in 2014? “[The speech] will have thoughts in it,” the prime minister said. “That’s the plan.”