PM Orbán pays tribute to powerful women on international women's day

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has celebrated international women's day in a video on his Facebook page

"It’s international women’s day today and it is seemly that we celebrate those who I am most thankful to in my everyday work" PM Orbán said.

In a Facebook video, he paid tribute to their strength, courage and kindness.

“I’ve always had a good laugh when people said women are the ‘weaker gender’. I think it’s exactly the opposite. The truth is that I am lucky that I can live my life among women who are not only kind but also strong," the prime minister said.

“My grandmother is still with us, she is 94-years-old. My mum is still with me, too. I have my wife, she’s given me five beautiful children. Four are girls out of the 5," he added.

Not only is the prime minster surrounded by powerful women at home, but also in the workplace and throughout Hungary.

“There are more than 2 million women who aren’t only raising children and taking care of us, but are also working, have a job. They deserve our utmost respect," he said.