PM Orbán throws Hungary's support behind V4's position on future of Europe

Hungary “whole-heartedly” supports calls made by V4 leaders for strengthening national control over legislative and political processes in the EU

Hungary has thrown its full support behind the Visegrad Group's position concerning the furture of the European Union.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made the statement following a summit meeting of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in Warsaw on Thursday.

According to reports, Hungary “whole-heartedly” supports calls made by V4 leaders for national control over legislative and political processes in the EU to be strengthened and for a better Europe.

Other issues discussed focused around the single market and integrity of the Schengen Zone, which leaders feel should be protected, and the V4 warned that any divisions within the EU could lead to divergence between member states.

Interests of all member states should be treated equally and any changes within the euro zone should not be allowed to cause ruptures within the community as a whole, a joint statement read.

“We are witnessing the emergence of a new world order in which countries need to define their own place," PM Orbán said. He added that the V4 statement would be instrumental in that self-determination.

PM Orbán added that there is an ongoing discussion about the future of continental Europe. Hungary has to set specific goals and take decisions regarding “our common lives” within the EU without upsetting the balance between states and EU institutions. Important decisions on issues such as the setting of energy prices, migration, the independent tax system and strategies for job protection should be left in a state's own hands, he said.

“Discussions are a part of life and we’ll have to stand our ground,” he said. Hungary has always stood up for its own interests and the Visegrád states are sympathetic allies in this venture, the prime minister added.