Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's speech on the night of the European Parliament election

26 May 2019, Budapest

Good evening! This is a good evening for us.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has decided to go to the polls and vote in the European election today. The turnout has been higher than ever, and Hungary has thus proved that it is a European nation, a European country, that our place is in Europe, and that Europe is also our home – so we want to change it.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would especially like to thank those who have placed their trust in us with their votes. And I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who have not only turned out to vote for us, but who over the past weeks have also worked to carry forward the whole campaign, and who have carried the whole country. Thanks to them, today I can officially announce that, in the 2019 European Parliament election, we won. Record. In addition to a record turnout, we scored a record victory. We all know that mass population movement and migration has brought about the beginning of a new era in European politics, so we can confidently say that we have won a historic victory.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We joined the European Union in order that Hungary could become a country where we decide on our own destiny. I would like to thank those who have decided that Hungary should remain a Hungarian country and have decided that Europe should continue to belong to Europeans. The European election is especially important for us Hungarians: it is a great, unrepeatable opportunity for national unification, because not only will we be in Brussels, but the Hungarian communities beyond the borders will also be there. Together we will represent the interests of the whole Hungarian nation.

Dear Friends,

We still have a whole night to analyse this victory today, but perhaps I can say a few things right now. First of all, this election victory is a directive. The Hungarians have given us a directive on three things: first of all, to stop immigration across Europe; they’ve tasked us to defend the Europe of nations; and they’ve tasked us to defend Christian culture in Europe. And they can be sure that we shall do these things. It has also been made clear that people in Hungary think that there must be change in Brussels. We need leaders who represent the interests of the people of Europe, leaders who respect European nations, and leaders who are proud of our two thousand-year Christian culture.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

I would like to make it clear that, in Brussels, for us Hungary will come first, and we will work with everyone who wants to stop immigration. Today we have shown that Hungary is strong. Hungary is strong because the Hungarians are united. In the coming years preserving this great unity will be crucial, and I promise you that I shall do everything I can in order to ensure that.

Go for it, Hungary, go for it Hungarians!