Facebook statement by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following his talks in Qatar

22 May 2023, Doha (الدوحة)

This is Qatar. The capital is Doha. Forty degrees Celsius. Exhaustive and fruitful negotiations with the country's leader, the Emir of Qatar. Over the past year we've learned that Qatar is a key country for Europe. The European economy has replaced a considerable part of the Russian gas we now lack with LNG gas from here. This is a country with outstanding economic performance, which is present in every part of the world. It belongs to the camp of peace. It has a vested interest in the Russo-Ukrainian war coming to an end as soon as possible, and it is willing to play a role in mediating peace talks. We have agreed on energy cooperation. We will also buy gas from here, as it is always better to stand on several legs than on just one. We have agreed on infrastructure development, airport development, cooperation on communications and industrial areas, and we have even made agreements in agriculture. The future prospects for Qatari-Hungarian economic cooperation are good.