Press statement by Viktor Orbán following a tripartite summit between Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary

29 September 2023, Belgrade (Београд)

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. President, Dear Aleksandar.

I came to Serbia today for two purposes: a trilateral meeting and a bilateral meeting. The purpose of the trilateral meeting was for me to present economic cooperation between Serbia and Hungary to the representative from the United Arab Emirates, to show that there is a special opportunity here, as Serbian-Hungarian political and economic cooperation is close, and our economic cooperation is very successful. One of our countries is in the European Union and the other is not. This is not a disadvantage, and it offers opportunities; and a country that is looking for investment opportunities in the world could hardly find a more favourable political and economic environment. As the President has said, what happened early this afternoon was the outlining of these opportunities, the presentation of these opportunities, of infrastructure and trade. So I am grateful to the President for organising this meeting, the like of which Hungary has not previously had the opportunity to attend. I am confident that we can convincingly present the joint Serbian-Hungarian prospects to third countries and investors interested in the region.

We will have another meeting this afternoon, in which we will need to discuss the issue of migration, the issue of Brussels, the enlargement of the European Union and the deadline for it. In advance, I would like to make it clear that with regard to all conflicts Hungary has always believed in dialogue. Conflicts can be resolved through dialogue, and we do not support any form of sanctions against any country.

Thank you very much for your attention.