Press statement by Viktor Orbán following his meeting with Santiago Abascal, President of VOX

2 June 2023, Budapest

Good day,

First of all, I’d like to welcome my friend Santiago Abascal here in Budapest. This is a long-standing relationship, which I’ve always considered an honour. For two reasons. You should know that in Hungary Spain enjoys great prestige. We’ve always considered it an important country, with a decisive voice in European affairs. A great history, a great people, great passions, great ambition. So we’ve always had this positive image of Spain. 

The second reason that it’s a great pleasure to meet him is due to a strange phenomenon in European politics; because European politics has lost its sense of ambition. I’ve been in European politics for many decades, and there’s ever more “blah blah blah”. We repeat things, we don’t even know what they mean any more, and in the end there’s no action. Meanwhile Europe has been continuously losing competitiveness. European politics needs people who want something, and who still have energy, commitment and passion. This is why we decided to build a serious relationship with VOX. We felt that they wanted something too. A party that loves its country, that wants to stand up for its country, that cares about traditional values: the family is important, history is important, and on these we can build our future. So this is why we have a good relationship, and this is why we’re working together.   

We’ve been discussing the situation in Europe, especially with regard to the European Parliament elections. Because we’ll do what we need to do in our own countries. We can see that VOX is also gaining strength, but in modern politics this won’t be enough. We need European cooperation, and like-minded people need to work together. So we’ve talked about how we’ll be cooperating in the European elections, and we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to work together. We want to see a “right turn” in Europe. 

So I wish the President much success. It’s fantastic that there will be elections soon. We think that the chances are good. We trust in the wisdom of the Spanish people, and we look forward to Spain regaining its old voice. 

Thank you very much.