Statement by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, following a summit on migration with the Chancellor of Austria and the President of Serbia

7 July 2023, Vienna (Wien)

I thank President Vučić for the cooperation we have developed in recent years to jointly

protect Europe from increasing migration pressure. Without Serbia and Hungary, today there

would be many hundreds of thousands more illegal migrants in Austria, Germany and the

Netherlands than there are. So I thank the President for his cooperation. I would also like to

thank the Chancellor for standing by Hungary at the last European Council meeting in

Brussels, and for trying to help us. At that Council meeting I tried to explain that there are

solutions that are good at sea, but the same solutions will be bad on land. Few people

understood this sophisticated approach, but your Chancellor made it clear that this is the case;

he tried to help, and it was not his fault that he was not successful.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hungary is a country in a special situation. There is a war in our eastern neighbor Ukraine,

and the busiest migrant route crosses our southern border. No other country is in the same

difficult situation. We are not only protecting Hungary from illegal immigrants, but we are

protecting the whole of Europe – including Austria. Last year a total of 330,000 illegal

migrants were stopped along the entire length of Europe's borders, of which 270,000 were

stopped at the Hungarian-Serbian border. I imagine that you sense the weight of these

numbers. If we were not doing what we are doing, you would be in big trouble. The

Hungarian model, which is effective, is based on a very simple idea: no one is allowed to

enter Hungary until their asylum application has been assessed. They can only enter if their

application has been accepted, and until then they cannot enter the country's territory. This is

the Hungarian model, it works, and I believe that it should be adopted by all the countries of

the European Union. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening. Now a regulation has been

adopted in Brussels which prescribes mandatory quotas and makes it obligatory for Member

States to construct refugee camps and migrant ghettos. This is not only bad for Hungary,

Ladies and Gentlemen, but also for you Austrians. The new legislation may help Italy, but it

would certainly make things worse for you in terms of migrant flow from Hungary, because

we would have to replace an effective Hungarian model with a new European model that is

clearly not working. But I would like to inform you that we shall not implement these

decisions of the European Union. We shall not accept the mandatory quota. Nor shall we

accept the obligation to build migrant ghettos and camps. We shall find a legal and political

way to ensure that Hungary does not implement the latest decision from Brussels. The

situation is sad, but Hungary must defend itself not only against illegal migrants and people

smugglers, but also against Brussels. And we shall do so.

Thank you very much for your attention.