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Central Bank raises base rate to 1.65 percent

The council also decided on Tuesday to raise the O/N deposit rate by 15bp to 0.70 percent and the O/N and one-week collateralized loan rates by 15bp to 2.6 percent.

Sep 22, 2021
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NBH cuts base rate to 0.75 percent

The Council referred to the rate cut as a “fine-tuning measure” that “supports the maintenance of price stability and the recovery of economic growth”.

Jun 24, 2020
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Central Bank keeps base rate on hold at 0.90 percent

The Monetary Council of the National Bank of Hungary (NBH) has kept the central bank’s base rate at 0.90 percent and the O/N deposit rate at -0.05 percent at a monthly policy meeting on Tuesday.

Aug 28, 2019
News in Brief

NBH leaves base rate on hold

The NBH has left the central bank base rate and overnight deposit rate unchanged at 0.90 percent and -0.05 percent, respectively.

May 29, 2019